Chicano Poet

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Elvis Cardenas

I gyrate my hips at the audience of young girls,
I'm singing my ass off
about some girl I used to love.

My sideburns are so long
I have to brush them away from my shoulders
so I can basanova.

The girls are screaming and crying my name
to no one in particular,
Viva Las Vegas.

I'm making love to my music,
I hold a note for so long
I turn Blue Hawaii.

I thrust my hips at the crowd,
I'm a dancing fool...throw a cape over my back,
I'm Mexican Brown!

I'm Elvis the pelvis,vato,
I'll rip you apart with my this---
the Mississippi Moon Walk.

I thrust my hips at the audience,
chicano poetry flashes in the bright lights.
Follow That Dream.

Sometimes, I just have to sit back and relax
with a peanut butter taco,
Love Me Tender,

But never forget that I want to be
the poet in your heart and mind,
your Teddy Bear.


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