Chicano Poet

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Game Plan

At the high school football game
you act so aloof

you deny our past
but I've got proof

the score was tied
for a while

by second period
it was a blow out

your cousin made
a lot of tackles

after the game
as we stood on the field

celebrating the win
with family and friends

a smile fell from a corner
of your mouth

and bounced like a football
out of bounds

Friday, August 14, 2020

La Perra

                 in memory of Florinda Lopez

In junior high
La Perra

short and stocky
scared not only the girls

but even the boys.
that evil eye she gave you

wasn't free,
there was a vicious rumor

that someone
had seen her smile in 6th grade

but that couldn't be true
said the three cute girls

who were trying out
for the cheerleading squad.

La Perra might have had
a beautiful soul

but junior high
was just a missing link---

in high school La Perra
won district in shot put

Friday, August 07, 2020

Father And Daughter

You and your father
at the creek

my mind puts a fork
in the moment

time flies on anyway
its one wing metallic blue

a crane picks at floating trash
and shakes its head

the creek ambles and staggers
under your dress

I think you were
eleven then

the sky went all the way up
until it disappeared

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Dr. Stella me la pela.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Boy, I Miss Your Crazy Ass

Boy, I miss your crazy ass
driving the family van
like a race car
tail-gating like there was no tomorrow

and now we all pay with this awful sorrow
your life cut short at home
we all thought you'd go
behind the wheel

I guess we all think
we will live forever
life is unpredictable
and death so clever

Boy, I miss your crazy ass
wish I could rub your head again
tell you to be careful one more time
as you drive away

but it wasn't meant to be
we all await our fates
our hearts break and shatter like glass
and we miss your crazy ass

Friday, July 10, 2020

Looks like it's time for a nature poem.
Sometimes the wind blows. Sometimes
the wind blows from the north.
Sometimes the wind blows from the south.
Sometimes it blows from the east.
Sometimes it blows from the west.
Sometimes it blows.

The Wind

She wants to be a boy
she wants to be a dick

any change in the wind
makes the weather vain

she says she's always known it
but she didn't own it

she's taking the hormones
but it don't make a bone

any change in the wind
will make the flag change sides

she wants to be a boy
wait until she's a man

any change in the wind
and the weather comes out

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Hunker Hill

When the people came calling
at the White House gate
Donnie was down under
in the bunker

when the ghost of George Floyd
came knocking at the Casa Blanca
Donnie was down under
in the bunker

down under
not even Australian
maybe Tasmanian-----devil

when the white smoke had cleared
he walked across the street to the church
left God in a lurch
pretended to believe

but Donnie belonged
down under
in the bunker

his bone spurs
whispered Yes Sir
not even a mouse begin to stir
and he came out from the bunker
dreaming he was a conquerer
his little Napoleon pants
damp around the rear

and Donnie was down under
in the bunker
hunker hunker
in the bunker