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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Beyond Martin Luther

"it’s beyond Martin Luther,
upgrade computer,
we’ve got a long way
to go…"

Long Way To Go
by Gwen Stefani

Martin Luther King, Jr., Junior,
Junior, Junior, Junior,
spits out his words,

you have to
cuz you live in America,
don’t you!

the dream gets woke up
by the racism
stronger in 2005 than ever,

the dream gets
turned into a nightmare
by Dubya and his hatchet-men,

they want to enslave
the black man, the brown man,
all the wrong men…

we got a long way to go,
the white girl is right
there’s no doubt about it,

we got a long way to go, Jose,
freedom has indeed been attacked---
not by terrorists but by Dubya Atta.


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