Chicano Poet

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Henry’s How To Beat A Black Man

If he’s black, walking
down the street, we repeat,
if he’s black, if he dare look you in the eyes,

beat him, kick him, punch him in the face,
keep ‘em in their place, their race.
If some goody-two-shoes reporter

is filming the whole beating, black man bleeding,
don’t worry about it---
cops can never be convicted.

And the AP photographer,
just shove him out of the way,
arrest his ass if you have to.

This is how you always beat a black man,
in public, on videotape, viciously, Klan-like,
that’s the American way,

and no one’s gonna do
a damn thing about it.
Again, this is how you beat a black man. Thank you.


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