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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Henry’s Ogden Nash Elegy For Elvis Presley’s Commode

Who was it that invented
the invention that outed the outhouse,
otherwise Elvis would have died

out in the backyard of Graceland?
Oh, how Esperanza (she’s Elvis’s biggest fan)
misses the King in Vegas,

the swiveling hips, the pouty lips,
the sweaty forehead
and the sequined jump suits.

Her Teddy Bear is gone,
her racecar driving Romeo raced away---
she’s a Hawaiian Speedo widow.

In the end, the commode
was the last to kiss his ass,
the toilet paper Memphis Mafia nowhere around.

His girlfriend fast asleep
unaware she would wake up
and not be a princess anymore.

The commode with tearful eyes
looks about the room,
it can’t predict the future, it always looks behind.


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