Chicano Poet

Friday, March 17, 2006

Henry’s Elegy For His Garden Gnomes

We launch our Luffewaffe
over northern Iraq
to eradicate the enemy

who’s fortified his positions
for the last three years,
why did we wait so long

before we did anything,
are the Generals just stupid asses?
We know the Commander-In-Chief is!

This is beginning to sound
like that kids' movie
The Never-ending Story,

where the planet is disintegrating
as they flee, will we be so lucky?
We’ve become the superrace.

We launch our Luffewaffe,
I see the bombs falling
and exploding in my front yard,

the garden gnomes have no heads,
no feet, no eyebrows, no stomachs---
their souls rise into the darkened sky.


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