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Monday, June 26, 2006

Will There Be Death And Dying?

Will there be death and dying
in the place where we are going
asked a soldier of the President?

"I don’t think so, son." said the President.
"I don’t think so, son." said the House.
"I don’t think so, son." said the Senate.

Do you think that they will beat us,
torture us, burn us, behead us,
in the place where we are going?

"It’s not likely." said the Recruiter.
"It’s not likely." said the Drill Instructor.
"It’s not likely." said the Generals.

I guess we’ll go said the soldiers
if there is nothing to fear,
you did say there’s nothing to fear?

"I don’t think there’s anything to fear."
said the President before he became yellow
and fled to Alabama instead of Nam.


At 12:48 AM, Blogger Emmy said...

RC: This poem hits home as I continue to meet many young folks seriously interested in joining the military during these times.

At 10:46 AM, Blogger RC said...

Thanks for commenting,Emmy.My 19 year-old neice is in the Marines.
She's stationed stateside,I'm hoping
she doesn't have to go over there.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Emmy said...

I hope that she doesn't have to go either.

Thank you for writing and sharing this poem.

At 12:39 AM, Blogger RC said...



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