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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Crash

"Si lloviera esta noche, retirariame
de aqui a mil anos.
Mejor a cien no mas."
Cesar Vallejo

The plane crash that took the lives
of Ronnie and Cassie,
plane out of fuel,

night sky trying to organize the stars,
full moon working like a bone,
its thick chalk bars, a jail.

The motors in a creek,
frogs tried to read the writing
but man was way ahead of them.

Cracked trees heard their own noise,
the white trash farmer
shot the survivors with his Polaroid.

The plane that took the lives
of Ronnie and Cassie
was a Convair 240, dirt music,

night verdict, the sound of a last breath,
oxygen swirling around, useless,
nothing ridicules about a ridicules night.

The night Ronnie and Cassie died,
stardust was stirred up in the forest
and settled back down in the wrong place.


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