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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Evolution.Creationism.Natural Selection.
Mr.Bones was reading Scientific Americano
the other day.Apparently,scientists have
proved that humans evolved not from monkeys
but from the pinto bean plant,or a mutation
thereof.A sort of pitcher plant which eats
cows.Thanks,Mr.Bones, for keeping us up to date
on our past.

The Ant

an ant opened a book
and started reading
that the overall picture

is overwhelming to us
but to an ant
everything is so simple

so simple that it confuses man
makes man stumble
man invents fire

and burns down the twin towers
the ant carries
what it can

it’s not concerned
with human life
it knows man’s limitations

it’s better not to teach
your children how to read
the ant says looking at you

with eyes that resemble
alien eyes
ants know reading ain’t important.


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