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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Insurrection Of Emily Dickinson

A few months ago an astounding
and world-changing thing happened in Amherst
when suddenly a woman resembling Emily Dickinson

was discovered walking the city streets
in a tattered, dirty dress,
in a confused state of mind.

It is only today that all the doctors
and their instruments agree
that it is, indeed, Miss Emily Dickinson,

and, yes, she had been dead,
but she has come back to us.
Just how, science can not as yet tell us.

The President and the Vice-President
apparently have been taken
to their respective bunkers,

and from the safety of the television tube
the President tells the nation not to panic
even though our military’s tied up in Moslem wars,

and Emily the man-eating female is on the prowl.
Then, the President stops in mid-speech
as he hears a terrible pounding on the bunker’s iron doors.


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