Chicano Poet

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vatos Locos

El Louie had not been a friend to Artemio.
Actually, Artemio didn’t care for the vato,
he ran with a different crowd.

El Louie and his gang
thought you had to be
a macho to be a man.

Sometimes that will
run you afoul of the law,
and of your own strict rules, Artemio warned.

So they buried El Louie
and on the third day
he rose to heaven.

God (otherwise known as Chuy)
somehow found it in his heart
to forgive Louie all his faults,

and they were many.
God found a dirty little corner
where he put troublemakers like El Louie.

And to this day the vato stands there
collecting dust and spiders
along with the other vatos locos.


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