Chicano Poet

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Planet Of The Apes Revisited

The buildings shook on wobbly legs,
knees made of yellow Jell-O.
In a matter of minutes

from downtown to uptown,
black buildings in the Bronx,
filthy rich buildings on Fifth Avenue,

ethnic bungalows on Long Island
where once Lolita and Buttafuco
put Nabakov to the test.

Some Gods take their toll,
fiery or cold as cod,
demanding what they themselves can not provide,

much like the innards of a wiener
made of pork and rat.
Somewhere in the frightened buildings

always ancestors and offspring of this town
duke it out with gangsters, pimps and wimps,
but never with bad guys like these.

Oh, how will we ever forget
towers torn down by apes in camel suits? “Awright,
bring in Heston so he can cuss!” cried the director.


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