Chicano Poet

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Biblical Chicks Gone Wild
Or Davy Jones Lockergnome

Why (arms akimbo), even Mary Magdalene
is enamored of Davy,
look at her lift up her skirt!

She’s hotter than Mike’s head
under that infernal knit cap.
Somebody please pour some goat’s milk on her.

An ass poses as the MonkeeMobile,
and all the ancient maidens
caress the grille

wishing it was Davy’s butt.
Mary swings at them in jealousy,
her tits bounce up and down.

Envious Peter clowns around.
The conductor shouts,
last train to Clarksville.

Nearby, bikini-clad girls splash
on the beaches of the Dead Sea,
and Roman soldiers conquer boys.


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