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Monday, February 11, 2008

For Juan Effe Hache

Juan Effe Hache dressed like an Aztec
at one of those old Floricantos---
well, you had to be there.

Henry points out that
in this particular instance
time is not cyclical,

he’s sorry to disappoint
his Mayan brothers.
Anyway, white men say

that those very same Mayans
disappeared so long ago,
but what do they call these jungle dwellers?

Today Juan probably dresses
like an undocumented worker
though Henry ain’t seen him in katuns.

… indeed, time may yet be cyclical
but cyclical like a bicycle, two
rolling wheels of time, which you
yourself can see as a bicycle goes by,
they move in unison. The question
being what happens if you pick up
one end of the bicycle while both
wheels are spinning. The answer
is 2012…

Quetzalcoatl Sandoval
in his monumental classic
The Great Wheels,
published in 1959 by Corinth.

poorly translated by me
from the original English.

Does McCain belong in a nursing home? Yes.
Is Hillary Clinton married to the first
black President? Yes.
Is Obama a Moslem? No.Worse than that,
he's a damn Christian!

We are doomed.


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