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Friday, August 15, 2008

Dreaming Of Aztlan Gone Bad

We are driving in your Pacer to Austin,
the reason why escapes me.

We met in the small town of whatsoever,
I said, I’ll show you my poems

if you show me yours,
but then the rains came

and swept away my fellow writers,
my friends, my medals from Nam,

my farmworker sweat, my Denver days,
my Tierra Amarilla palomilla,

my Santos Rodriguez from Dallas,
my Ruben Salazar from East L.A.

Cirol, our own gente turned upon us---
the hound of Aztlan, we supposed.


At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tierra Amarilla Palomilla - you must be a fine person if you were privileged to know esta gente. Tiejerina was given a difficult time by the US govt, No other Chicano has been treated like this. His family also suffered deeply. From what I saw of the Chicano movement, Tijerina was on the right track. I am glad to have met him and to tell everyone that I once met a man of caliber, intelligent y valiente.

Because you have mentioned this palomilla in a good way from now on you can consider me your carnala. Una carnala firme. I don't allow a lot of grnte into my space due to the fact that this govt gave me a hard time for my participation in the Chicano movement and other political activities and as a result I trust very few people.

Esmeralda Bernal

At 12:19 AM, Blogger RC said...

I am sad to say I never met Reies.I envy you.I always enjoy your insightful comments.I've met Corky,Jose Angel Gutierrez(took a roadtrip thru Texas with him once).And of course I think Reies was a brave man,and a hero.


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