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Monday, October 06, 2008

Could Lala’s Dinner Party

Could Lala set the table,
and me not spin her strawberries,

could Lala flaunt the dinner without wine,
pack the guests with narration,

a sparrow scratch his signature of song
for casseroles on the kitchen windowsill.

Lala retells the pulsing story
as I pat her behind and wrestle

with the partisans of time
who claim the sun is always right,

could Lala set the table,
and me not woebegone smile from this page?

In this poem, the opponent tries to comprehend
the purposely obscure poem. It seems to be about
a real event. The opponent objects to the absence
of simplicity, unaware that p[oem]s can not be
simple and straightforward. Chalk up brownie points
for him. Are you in his corner or mine?

Shame on you!


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