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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Gravel Pit Vs. The Cardenas Brothers

Remember the large gravel pit
next to Juan Seguin Elementary School,

which was later filled in,
and turned into the school’s playground?

As kids, walking home,
we’d go down into it,

wending our way around the garbage,
old tires, tree trunks, dead animals,

car parts, waste oil, unidentifiable rubble,
or we’d get into fights with other kids.

We’d stone the hell out of them---
the little cowards.

After our mother died,
father sent us to live with his parents.

Wild farm boys, we didn’t take shit
from nobody,

we took our lumps, gave lumps back.
Today we walk underneath the covered gravel pit,

pushing tons of fill material
out of the way just because.


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