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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tales From The Dark Side

Last night I was programming on MasterCam 10 when
one of my co-workers said, hey, Flavia from assembly
wants to talk to you when you get a minute. Flavia has
a friend, she says (almost in tears) that her friend Rosa
who works twelve hours at a sandwich shop got pregnant
by a guy in Califas five years ago. He beat her so she ran
off to Texas, without the baby. Just this week she got a
phone call from the guy, he’s demanding child support
from her. I ask her if she’s gotten anything official from
the State of California. And then she tells me the rest of
the story.

He’s an illegal alien. She’s an illegal alien. Both of them
have been deported more than three times. I tell her
that my guess is that nothing will come of his threats.
This is way more serious than being a stranger in a
strange land. Beam me up, Scotty! ...........Ay, buey!


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