Chicano Poet

Thursday, May 14, 2009

White Flag

That lion and elephant I bought
to keep you out

the deadly cap one color only
leaky little jellyfish its treasured eyes

a stout gymnasium just plain squares
nothing kept you out of my heart

lucky gates high ruby fences
a crumbly sand with olive oil

you’d think an exploding star
would not falter

a brass monkey the annoying fiddler
a Berlin Wall of pomegranate seeds

an Oakland Bay Bridge squashed brain
indigo now

that big round boulder from Indiana Jones
polished severely

a nebula back in school
to learn how to stop the nonsense

stone courted rock
to gain a foothold

so far nothing has kept you
out of my heart

I bought this glass counter
to see what was going on underneath me

I copyrighted every planetary love poem
the campaign worn and cropped


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