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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Sky Is Falling The Sky Is Falling
by Quetzalcoatl “Chicken Little” Sandoval

The day that the sky did fall and flattened the rich part of town
all the poor went to see the unbelievable. They stood there in
amazement and asked, why and how did this happen? Certainly
it was none of their business. No one had the answer. I was visiting
the United States, Columbia University, to be exact, when this
marvelous, I mean, when this mystery of mysteries occurred. When
I got back to Mexico, I too ventured into the disaster area, looked up
at where that part of the sky used to be, the void sent chills up my
spine, the mind becomes fuzzy and confused, and soon I had to hurry
away from there, least I lose all bodily control. The best minds of our
generation are working twenty four hours a day to figure out
if this an anomaly or if it will happen again. Yet, even as I write this
very word there is news on the television that the sky has fallen
upon the Hamptons and on Malibu Beach in the United States. So
we have our answer. It is not over. But, it appears the poor have
nothing to fear.


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