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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After death takes Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. for its
customary ride, he ends up face to face with
God, and he asks God, “What in hell are people

God looks puzzled, and screams, “Who said that?”
Finally he sees the wriggly, little figure, and
realizes that the awful sound is coming from it.
“What!” he demands.

“What in hell are people for?” repeats Vonnegut,
quite angry and out of control.

A still confused God ruminates, scratches himself
so heavenly, but becomes increasingly annoyed.
People? People? did I create people?” he yells
at his right-hand man. His right-hand man pulls
out an iPad, scrolls down and down for what
seems like an eternity---but which was probably
just forever.

“Yes, yes, here it is, Sire. You did indeed create

God thinks for a second. “Well, as of this moment
I am un-creating them!” He seems at peace now.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Aesop said...

i really like this idea...sometimes i'll catch one of my paintings in a certain light and notice strange textures wich remind me that i had painted over an image...i'll go through my old photos and be reminded of what it was and think "why the hell did i ever paint something so crappy"...then i delete it and forget that it ever was...i sometimes wonder what has been painted over us...


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