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Friday, December 03, 2010

The Kill List

Harry Moldsuch got his MFA from Warren G. Harding Junior College,
he thought that in no time he’d go out and conquer the poetry world.
Two years later he was still a nobody in the poetry biz, as most
aficionados of the game seemed to be calling it. The accumulation
of poetry prizes being the ultimate orgasm. Alas, Harry was getting
nowhere. Does my poetry really suck that bad, or is just that the
overpopulation of poets which is hindering my publishing career?
Yes, yes, he convinced himself in his depressed state.

Soon he had hatched a plan. He would start eliminating the surplus
of poets which was chocking America. He decided the criteria would
be this: the more accolades the poet acquired , the higher on the
kill list he would be. If you fall in this category, I would suggest you
seek police protection now. Or at least have your cell phone ready
to call 911 if you see Harry hanging around your exquisite poetry retreat.
And you other poets who happen to catch Harry bumping off a poet,
make sure you use your camera phone to document the killing.
It could come in handy when you write that fantastic poem which
of course would put you higher up on Harry’s kill list.


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