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Friday, August 19, 2011


I feel like renaming the dog today. He has not started a revolution.

-----Poeta Power on Facebook

After abuela managed to calm down our brother
actually slapped him a few times until he snapped out of it

the happy-go-lucky creature just wanted directions
the touchscreen on my Cesar Chavez universal phone

was broken so I was careful not to break it even more
space travel is not kind to inundated

communications devices this far out from
our murderous civilization as we know it

once we got the myriad creature
on her merry way we gassed it again

tenants in a strange world
we wanted to get to the mountain wings

for refuge and forsaking
the supplemental gates were supposed to be generic

yet clinically special to our mission
the Cadillac skin suddenly develops

red goosepimples as it sensed danger
abuela’s toxic smile made us nervous

as smile upon smile is wont to do
she clutched her broken ray gun

the live machete mumbling
a makeshift derision


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