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Friday, December 02, 2011

The Space Girl’s Hat

The space girl wore her pointed hat
and warned the absent hero of regret.

On planet Mongo
meten chango.

The rocket ship pours smoke
and noiseless noise.

The crash is never fatal,
the villains hide behind the rocks.

Their ray guns dose ornate.
I’m glad I already ate.

The space girl does her job,
shows off her thighs.

She says that alien clothes
belong back in 1936.

The alien robots wear a bucket
on their heads.

A sword fight here in outer space
must be won at the expense of grace.

The space girl we must indeed admire
not just for coiffure attire

which stays intact
after she repels attacks.

But even in the weightlessness of space
she mimics gravity with such distaste.


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