Chicano Poet

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Burro Day

I can’t speak for other burros
but for me

being Burro-American plays no role
in my life as a burro.

Neither does the fact that I’m
a male burro.

I am indeed a very complex burro.
Heehaw. Heehaw.

Sorry about that.
I guess one can not escape one’s burro-ness.

It’s unfair to ask every burro
to fight for burro equality.

It’s unfair to ask a burro
to be the first burro in the major leagues.

Someone has to be burro-come-lately.
Heehaw. Heehaw.

Like I said before. (And this embarrasses me to no end.)
I guess one can not escape one’s burro-ness


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