Chicano Poet

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My lover's run off
to North Africa.

She took her cash
and cheating heart.

She thinks 
Adam and Eve rode camels.

An oasis
can be carried on her back.

Or so she said
in her last moonlit email.

The same one
in which she called me "poor Edgar."

Prompting me
to take a shower

in my mother's car.
My lover knocks on the door

of the pyramids
until the sun-god answers.

He's so goddamn pale,
she tells her guide.

A camel 
never wants to shit.

It gathers
jewels in its hump.

Arab women hate my lover's ass
because they can see it.

The pyramids
sway to the west.

The old curator
was such a prick until last spring.

I don't think 
my lover will ever come back to back.

Her eyes
explode like hand grenades.

Cleopatra's bones
float down the Nile like plastic bottles.

Sad desert
swallows sand.


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