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Friday, August 10, 2012

Western Swing

Lash LaRue
tricked the desert.

Bad guys
monopolized bad.

Bullets flew.
They had marvelous wings.

Our hero
whipped the Salton Sea.

The horses
were well-endowed.

The girl had to be rescued
from her vagina.

Her petticoats
were made of goats.

Her bonnet
dug around inside her head.

The stagecoach
was missing a tooth.

The desert had a tail to swing.
Our dear sun

longed for air-conditioning.
It would not arrive

for another hundred years.
But we degress.

Lash LaRue
rides tall in the saddle.

His pistols
ride their own dead horse.

The blonde heroine
dresses up her orifice.

The Marshall
seems quite taken with Lash’s lashes.

Lash’s thumb
rides off into the sunset’s hair.

The buttons on his cowboy shirt
go rah rah rah.

A fat dancehall girl
enjoys her manic Monday.

She’s spread-eagled
like an eagle.

loosens his lasso.

But he’s too much of a gentleman
or worse.


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