Chicano Poet

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chamaco Of Time And Space

Chamaco carries a pistola
and Sixties rolas

he’s got a computer chip
on his shoulder

he’s a lover
and a hater

he flaunts his talents
denies his shortcomings

you’d almost think
he’s human

but that’s the one thing
that most of us are not

Chamaco’s long shadow
against a building in an alley

Chamaco reaches
for his gun

bang bang
his cell phone rang

his wife was calling
reminding him to buy tortillas

Chamaco put the gun away
flagged down a cab

the moon was yellow
like urine

the stars
spoke Spanish

Chamaco’s mind
doubled in size...

by the time
he got home

he became human
for his wife

while on a far-off planet
anti-Chamaco exploded

into another and another
Big Bang


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