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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Word Bird

Chamaco was a burp
belonging to Wyatt Earp.

Chamaco was as orgasm
belonging to Marilyn Monroe's chasms.

Chamaco was a smile
belonging to Gomer Pyle.

Chamaco was the Army
in " you and what Army?"

Chamaco was the hockey puck
that killed Tupac.

Chamaco was the T-rex
that killed Malcolm X.

Chamaco's sweat
is wet.

Chamaco frowns
on border towns.

And here's a wrinkle,
Chamaco was one of Shirley Temple's dimples.

Chamaco fought the law
and the law nah.

Deserts and rivers
sang like Johnny Rivers.

Chamaco's dark looks
remind us of Katie Jurado.

The sun was Mexican
by all accounts.

Chamaco was a fart
belonging to Humphrey Bogart.

Chamaco was a Martian.
" Marsha Marsha Marsha".

Chamaco wrote the wrong song,
and it was too looooooooooong.

Chamaco had a way with words---
too bad they were all verbs.


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