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Thursday, September 26, 2013

El Pepe

Hoy enterraron al Pepe Montoya

and Aztlan y San Cabron
le hacen la llorona
and those times
of the forties and fifties and beyond
lost un vato chingon

kind of slim y delgado
toward the end
aging fast
from too much
pinche poesia

you'd see him
in Sacramento
sporting a porkpie hat
like Walter White

Era de Aztlan
carnal de carnales
hermano de hermanas
una bola
de Montoyas

El vato
era muy trucha
always looking
for pedos that rhymed

Hoy enterraron al Pepe Montoya

his palabras
were never just about words
his corazon was all heart
hoy enterraron al Pepe Montoya

so that he will live forever


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