Chicano Poet

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Soup Nazi

Cheney owns the Supreme Court
Cheney owns Bush’s behind,
Cheney and Haliburton run America.

It’s really just a demo of democracy
as you can tell if you’re not rich.
The poor are the rich peoples’ bitch.

They pimp us to the world,
they brainwash young soldiers
into believing the noble cause of the rich.

The rich do not care about liberty and democracy,
liberty and democracy are the enemy of the rich.
They despise abortion because it depletes their slave pool.

The Evil Empire has become us,
our panzer divisions spread out over the world.
We are the soup nazi of oil.

Cheney wears his Adolf mustache proudly
shouting the f-word at Senators
who question his blitzkrieg against the disadvantaged,

against women, against children, against veterans
against anybody who questions his dictatorship.
Meanwhile, Bush is still trying to read My Pet Goat.


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