Chicano Poet

Friday, July 23, 2004

Cornflakes For The Tourist

I eat my cornflakes
and watch the morning news
to see what lies are being told.

The cornflakes reach to
the center of the earth
like a scientific expedition.

Remember, coming into Skidmore
always slow down
because the local yokels have radar.

If you go straight
you end up at Lake Corpus Christi.
If you turn left you’re on the way

home to Papalote.
The Papalote Mall opens only
on Saturday and Sunday,

it’s a flea market.
The old store where they
used to sell Hippo soda water

has long been spiderweb closed.
Papalote is on a downward spiral
like my scientific breakfast.

What will they find
at the center of the earth?
The mighty roots of Papalote!


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