Chicano Poet

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Lake Jessica

It’s been raining steadily all day
and out beyond the backyard
Lake Jessica is full to the brim.

Dogs walk underneath
the surface of the lake,
they use their ears as snorkels.

I shoot baskets with Ruben
when he was ten
now the years are shaped like something

that has never been seen before.
The front door opens
and my wife walks in to finish cleaning.

Yes, Sunday is cleaning day
and we go to church later
and try to clean it too with no results.

Mud gets dragged in from the rain.
The shoemarks we leave on the floor
resemble Christ.

He’s swimming in Lake Jessica
chasing the dogs to the
far end.

When they come out of the water,
all of them , even the dogs
walk away on two feet.

I go to the edge of the lake
and roll it up for the night.
Better back it up by burning it to cd.


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