Chicano Poet

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Day After Manana

After days
and nights
of agony

his brain swelling,
Mr. Bones

comes up
with a plan.
He will

take a page from
Osama Bin Bush himself.
Mr. Bones

is desperate
and will try anything
to get rid

of this conservatism
that has
taken over the country

like the Black Death. Bones thinks,
"If the wooly mammoth
didn’t survive

the Ice Age,
maybe their cousins,
the elephants, won’t either!"

So, Mr. Bones plans
to buy
trillions of tons

of ice
from the Russian Mafia
and dump the ice on America,

a liberating Ice Age.

Mission accomplished, Mr. Bones
sat back in his computer chair
and ate a popsicle.


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