Chicano Poet

Monday, January 10, 2005

Visiting Dad For New Year’s…

I’m flying into
Los Angie lees
in my pick-up truck,

all the way
from Tex-Mex.
A stack

of pancakes welcomes me---
the Capital Records

I aim
my pistol
at the Dodgers,

but they dodge.
I try to sink
the Queen Mary,

but she’s
already run

I try to deliver
to the Spruce Goose,

but she’s
high-tailed it
to Seattle.

She’ll rot
in that darn rain.
I go into

the barrio
and shoot up all the Eses.
They’re all doped up on dope.

My bullets
put Indian dots
on their foreheads.

When I’m done
I go back
to Palm Springs

to visit my daddy
who’s retired in the
desert’s derrière.


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