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Thursday, March 10, 2005

from the Republican Planet of the Apes

Ironically, Charlton Heston Pushes The Button

Bugs was trying
to stop Marvin
from blowing up

the oit
when Mr. Bones
asked Henry,

"Marvin Hamlish
is trying to blow up
the oit?"

No, Bones, you idiot,
Marvin the Martian,
you know, the

tiny alien
who wears
Roman soldier outfits!"

"Oh, yeah," said Mr. Bones,
"This Marvin pendejo
is a lot

like Dubya
and his gang
of Nazi think-alikes.

They spend billions
on war
and then they claim

that the poor
have got to go.
Maybe they can

fire up the killing fields again.
Exterminating the poor
and the disadvantaged by "legal" means,

hell, exterminate everyone
who don’t agree
with the Republican agenda…"

Mr. Bones didn’t
finish his tirade before Marvin
did, indeed, blow up the oit!


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