Chicano Poet

Monday, April 04, 2005

Tierra Cero

“He said we were a bunch of Arabs coming in to blow up New York.”
Dean Moriarty in On The Road

Henry and Mr. Bones
take the subway
to Ground Zero,

the big hole in the ground
like the big hole
in the heart,

the tell-tale heart
still beating
inside Edgar Allan Poe,

the Hudson held back
by man-made walls,
pressure per square inch

can not be calculated by math.
Above them, the kamikazes
dive from the sky

as the rising sun
pierces the
New York City morning.

Turning and turning
in the widening gyre,
the center can not hold,

collapsing like a black hole,
not even light can escape---
photon upon photon crushed against photon.


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