Chicano Poet

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

El Kabong

pretends to be
El Kabong,

or maybe
he really
is El Kabong,

but he screams
at the top
of his lungs,

“Dammit, Chuy,
don’t you know
any other song

besides La Bamba!”
We’re in
a coffee shop

in San Marcos,Tejas,
pasado chingado.

The Black Hat poet
is reading a poem
about the Sasquatch,

the big foot
of the white man
on chicano throats.

is just now
learning chicano history,

but he’s already a revisionist.
He gets a chainsaw
and cuts Chuy’s guitar in half.

The guitar strings
snap in all directions
hitting Mr.Bones in the butt.


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