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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Henry’s Elegy For Neil Armstrong’s Hair

So after getting back from the moon,
if indeed he did walk on the moon,
old Neil , the moon pie man

goes to his local jerk of a barber
to get his hair trimmed
and the barber collects his hair,

sells it to some hair collector,
yes, the very same perverted collector
who owns seven of Marilyn Monroe’s pubic hairs,

sells it, as I was saying before
I rudely interrupted myself,
sells it for three thousand dollars.

Henry wonders aloud how much
the collector would pay
for a couple of Neil’s moon rocks,

or, at least, the hairs on his moon rocks.
Meanwhile, the bald-headed man on the moon
is thankful for being twohundredthousand miles from earth.


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