Chicano Poet

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Twinkle In Bullwinkle’s Eye

Time in not as simple as you think,
its four parts never equal
once you have divided,

and the sum is always zero,
that’s what confuses even Sherman.
Is that what initiated

the famous visit by Klaatu?
The lovers sit in the cafeteria,
sharing curly fries,

time is outside in the shape
of an ostracized fly---
“That’s Greek to me!”

we hear Mr. Bones chortlize.
His hat askew,
almost brand new, shirt animated.

Sherman holds onto
the cicada girl’s hands,
he feels her heart as it pumps,

pumping in her wrist, in her fingertips,
pumping no doubt in her thighs---
there, underneath the table.

The hell with the universe,
(very uncharacteristic of Sherman to curse)
“you’re all I need…,” he says

as his words become cubes.
Suddenly, all the angles created intersect
and become round in her eyes.


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