Chicano Poet

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Henry’s Johnny Cash Elegy For Michael Jackson

Growing up in showbiz, tinseltown,
never had a childhood,
moonwalked before he could crawl,

the very existence of his existence
was questioned, he sure owns the Beatles now,
but the Wicked Witch of the West

(real name: Tom Sneddon)
is looking to buy Neverland
and move old Jocko

to Folsom Prison, Alcatraz,
put him behind bars,
put him in solitary in Soledad.

Neanderthal him against walls,
the long and winding road
leads to a precipice,

from there you can see below---
the ring of fire, a boy named Sue,
san quentin, folsom prison blues,

man in black, ring of fire,
daddy sang bass, I walk the line,
I’ve been everywhere…beat it!

Thriller, jailhouse rock, the king of pop---
the trick to moonwalking is the tiny wheels
on the soles of his shoes.


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