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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Award Show For The Best God Of The Year

Mr. Bones claims to
understand the world
a lot better,

after a few deductions.
Why do we,
the most powerful

nation on the planet
always turn to killing
to solve problems?

Why do we
always rant
and rave

about other countries
possessing nuclear weapons?
chemical weapons?

The bottom line
being that we are
the only nation

with true weapons
of mass destruction.

Mr. Bones has
figured out the
age-old question.

There is, after all,
only one god.
The other gods

have to be false gods
because they have
no power compared to

Jesus Christ,
the Republican

So, the Most
Destructive God Award
goes to…JESUS!

Come on up
and accept your award
J. C…

and God smote
the emcee
to prove his worthiness.


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