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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Henry’s Elegy For James Doohan

The Klingon torpedoes hit the Enterprise
right on the motor outlets,
disabling the propulsion revulsion.

Engineer Scott spends the next
light-year fighting the light-gear,
no fear,the nurse will appear,

he cusses and cusses the buses of photons,
the spiny-headed Klingons,
their spiny-butts that scratch the toilet bowl.

You can’t be beaming people up and down
to this and that alien world
out of harms way… Captain Kirk

can be such a jerk, Spock can be
such a cock, Bones can be
so cabrones, but here at the end

of the universe nothing matters.
matter is not matter, and there’s no space
for space, “Beam me up, Goddy!”


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