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Monday, July 04, 2005

Henry’s Black Cat Patriotic Boogie

“Ah’m again killin…”
Sergeant York

Fourth of July, you lie, fireworks in the sky
illuminate the hate, of late, primate,
old glory has become so gory,

the stars and tripe, you’ve made menudo
of your soldiers, ignored ideals, pig squeals,
pigs’ feet is all you repeat, bleat,

in your slurred speech, Mr. President, dent, bent,
the poor can’t pay the rent
and you and your family applaud, abroad,

you open the Bible and the devil steps out, shout,
no one will hear you, so you drop the bombs,
freedom is always for sale in this country, cash, check,

credit card, we all pay the price, nice, rice,
flag waving to obscure the view, screw, blew,
the fireworks display imagining freedom, Betsy Ross moss,

never get to first base with Lady Liberty anymore,
she used to be such a whore for freedom, now she’s
a leather-wearing, whip-snapping, born-again French girl, o la la!


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