Chicano Poet

Friday, September 30, 2005

Henry Raccoon

Somewhere in the Black Hills of Papalote
there lived a young Chicano
named Henry Raccoon.

One day his ruca ran off
with some desgraciado,
this ain’t kosher, this ain’t cool, he cried.

Henry said I’m gonna get that vato
so he traveled to that brown town,
he checked into a room

above the cantina
only to find Janay Gideon’s Bible
surrounded by the sinning God.

Henry had his pistolas and was prepared
to shoot off the pendejo’s bolas
even if the puto had none.

He found the treacherous lovers
dancing a polka in the cantina.
The conjunto played accordions accordingly.

But, the rival was quicker than Henry to the draw
and we saw
what a bullet can do to you!

They carried Henry upstairs to his room,
everyone said it would be his tomb
but Henry recovered way too soon

which just goes to prove---
you can’t keep a Chicano down on the farm
even if he comes to harm.