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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Henry’s Otra Elegy For The Little Buddy

Let me count the ways, let’s see who’s left,
the Professor, Mary Ann and Ginger.
Oh, yeah, and the natives who only visit ceremoniously.

Next to the wreck of the SS Minnow
Ginger’s dress is a mess
swirling in foam

and Mary Ann, brunette, fish-net,
butt wet from skinny-dipping
in the lagoon.

The Professor inventing devices
to hide his vices
like the modern day conveniences of geniuses.

Let me count the ways
the ghosts of Gilligan’s Island
haunt the island with indentation.

The volcano blows its top
in an episode where Wrong Way Ray
won’t mambo even three days’ worth

before he flies the wrong way, again, of course.
And now that Gilligan’s gone,
it’s no longer a situation comedy.


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