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Friday, November 04, 2005

Caution:This post may contain offensive
language to some!

from MTV

Henry’s Watching VH1 Videos

In her video “Luxurious”, la pinche blonde
is wearing a Virgen de Guadalupe blouse
unbuttoned in front, cutting La Virgen in half.

La Gwen es tan pendeja
but I love the little bitch
Henry laughs

while Mr. Bones is juggling right-wing mojones.
Jesus! and the next video
is that old broad Madonna

showing of her ancient ass, god bless,
but what the hell
is she doing in the hood

wearing only panties
attacking a giant boom box
with the crucifix of her vagina!

Oh, Madonna you’re such a marana
whines senior-citizen-Henry
packing heat to the hip hop beat of the conjunto.


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