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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Henry’s Elegy For His University Of Nebraska Days

Henry and Lala hide
in the belly of Abel Hall,
her blouse opened to expose

her proud little Dolly Partons
which point towards the stadium
and the Natural History building.

The twin towers of Manhattan, Kansas,
unravel grain elevators
all the way to the North Platte River.

The snow looks like sugar
to the army ants
following the road Frost took

in the movie Them.
Lala’s wearing goggles,
her white panties have their own voice

whispering in Henry’s ear
all the words he can not hear.
Picture here train entering tunnel.

The burning ants, antenna chicharones,
pork rinds in the wrong bag
and Lala smokes her cigarette on both ends.

Henry studied with Karl Shapiro
and Karl did not approve
of Henry’s pure products gone poco loco.


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