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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Where Is George Waldo Bush?

“Where am I Bush?”asks Ayn al-Zawarhiri
in his latest MTV video.

The Bush Adminstration
spies on Americans
trying to track down Osama

and al-Zawarhiri
but Americans don’t seem
to know their whereabouts.

But, we know where
Pvt. Robbie Mariano is,
the guitar-playing soldier died in Najaf,

we know Marine Sgt. Adam Leigh Cann
died outside a recruitment center
in Ar Ramadi,

we know Army Cpl. Tony Lutz
was killed
by a sniper's bullet,

we know Army Ranger Dillon Jutra
died in combat operations
in Anbar Province.

We know where the American dead are.
But, where is George Waldo Bush?
Hiding behind Lady Liberty’s tush,

hiding in the crack of the Liberty Bell,
hiding in a toilet at the Alamo,
hiding in the sewage treatment plant at Crawford.


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