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Friday, March 24, 2006

Niagara Falls: Slowly I turn, foot by foot
inch by inch…

El Corrido De Stanley Kunitz

Part 5 of 5

Henry and Mr. Bones leave the city
by walking and walking
in the modern day wilderness,

they cross the bridges, the rivers,
the streets and the once tall buildings
billow smoke like ugly New Jersey,

the skyline cracks under the pressure.
Henry and Mr. Bones catch a Greyhound
bound for Ezra Pound,

Henry and Mr. Bones catch a Greyhound
heading for Reading, Pennsylvania
for the next poetry beheading.

Once they reach Papalote
they watch TV five days straight.
Stanley and America bob up and down

on the East River like ducks.
Sometimes reality sucks
and sometimes all we can say is nyuk, nyuk..


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